Wednesday, July 19, 2006

City of my Girth

My husband and I traveled to the city of my girth, pardon me, birth, over the weekend. Before that he was gone four days on business. Those first few days of being by myself usually result in several binges, fast food and sweets. The first three days, I did great. I cooked a healthy lunch, mostly stir-fry, before class and had leftovers for supper after class. But by the fourth day, I had eaten everything in the house, had spent hours upon hours writing a paper for class, and I was hungry. Starv-ed, some might say. So I went to Wendy's. Ok, not bad. I had a freschetta, supposedly healthier than, say, nuggets. But I had the fries. Still not that bad. But, um, I had Arby's for supper. Who can pass up 5 for $5.95? And.... (you knew there was an and) when I picked my husband up from the airport, he too was starv-ed. SO.... I took him to Wendy's and ate again at midnight. Yeah, I feel sick just thinking about it. The next day, my body was in Hell. I thought my body was in Hell before, but, nope, that was just Purgatory. That's still not the end. As I said before, we went to my hometown, which consisted of a six-hour road trip. Ahhhh, fun times. At least we rented a car with AC. But you know what I do with a six-hour road trip? Two of my favorite hobbies: irritate my husband and eat. Continued stuffing myself at three hour intervals the entire weekend. Got home Sunday evening and ordered a pizza. That was it. I decided that I need to prepare ahead next time, take along cooler full of healthy food or a g-tube. I made a delicious spinach salad for supper yesterday with a low (almost non-existent) sugar french dressing. If anyone ever reads this and would like the recipe, I would love to share. Tonight we are having slaw with an Asian dressing (sugar-free, but yummy), tons of veggies and grilled steak. I have discovered through my hilarious weight-loss adventures that even when I stuff myself on healthy-food, it's a different feeling than when I stuff myself on carbs. Because you know, if I can't stuff my face I wouldn't know what to do with myself.


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